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When you need to see what it looks like before it's made.

3D Model of a grand piano with restaurant brand in the back board.

3D modeling offers the benefit of seeing a brand or product in advance from any viewpoint. This piano is the focal point

of an upscale restaurant named Opus 9, featuring gourmet food, wine, fire, and live music.

Rendering surfaces differently enhances visualization.

The following series of seven renderings shows how a trademark mascot (praying mantis) 3D model, is visualized in a variety of surfaces for analysis, or materials for appearance, or lighting for display.

3D model of Praying Mantis

A formative wire frame, shows the exact shape in terms of numerical contours, which can then convert the model for interpretation in 3D printing or physical fabrication in CNC processes.


3D wireframe of Praying Mantis


A 3D model can be rendered as a pen and ink illustration for simplicity, clarity, and presentation.

3D model of ink rendering Praying Mantis


A ghosted wire frame, reveals the relationship between contours and surfaces.

Ghosted View of 3D Praying Mantis


Environment rendering shows the object in various reflective or matte surfaces.

Shiny Environment map of 3D Praying Mantis


Environment rendering can also depict an object in different materials: metal, plastic and glass.

Environment Contour analysis of 3D Model - Praying Manits


Finally, any object can be shaded in colors, textures, and lighting specific even to geographic locations.

Shaded Redering showing 3D model contours under shadows.