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Make a cohesive message across all media.

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Comprehensive Brand Design that Gets Results

Create quantum growth from visionary branding.

A word about what Mint Design branding can accomplish for your company: Mint Design offers a full range of creative brand solutions for startups, growth opportunities, business transitions and image perception issues. Listening to you, we start with a realistic vision of your goals.  From a practical orientation in your perspective, we help you create, or revise, corporate structure to merge current directions with market perception. Your past, current and projected image can apply factual understanding to marketing and advertising from efficient, pinpointed surveys.  Your corporate culture can be projected into positive customer experience.  Existing marketing strength and image equity can be preserved and enhanced. Name preservation, or change, can increase brand recognition and retention as the capstone of your communication program.  Trademark and URL procurement can be organized into a nomenclature system that secures and protects market share.  Out of date, misunderstood, or haphazard visual communication can be creatively redesigned, and organized into a cohesive design system. New designs can be related to social media and inbound marketing for optimizing Internet presence.  Employees and recruitment can be positively charged with enthusiasm and loyalty. Local and national visual brand recognition can be achieved in all visual applications to match performance and produce growth.