A new kind of notebook that works the way you think.

Whether it's a corporate premium, a gift shop item, or simply a

better way to work your thoughts, CIRCA will do what you need it to do for years.

That's because, like your thoughts, CIRCA pages are repositionable, removable, and refillable.

As a premium, it costs less than a pen in brand endurance.

And that thinks the way you work.

  • Your logo or art on front
  • Full cover art
  • Printed or embossed
  • Solid, translucent, or leather

A notebook for idea-people:

Idea People Cartoon Graphic Illustration

• A philosophy of ideas, idea-people, and CIRCA notebooks •

     Idea people are everywhere. Ideas if all kinds are created constantly by people, for an infinite variety of reasons, answering a lot of needs.  They all start with notes or sketches.

A notebook is the plate on which food for thought is served. Without a simple way of moving mind to hand, visualizing what is imagined, denoting what passes in thought, many of the ideas generated would never materialize. Ideas are organic. As they move across the mind, from abstract to concrete, from spacial form to specific function, they change. A notebook that changes, that moves with the mind, that repositions detail, is a notebook that works the way idea people think; the way they plan; the way their ideas drive change.

That's CIRCA.


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Circa Next Level Notebook

Next Level • Tabs on every page.

New product; for art and design. Will fly off the shelf.


These can be custom to your selling environment.

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