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How to make your brochure a powerful sales piece.

Example of brochure as a powerful sales piece.




A brochure should pay for itself a hundred times over.  As one of the main components in collateral marketing materials, a brochure can come in many forms. Whatever that form takes, its cost will be wasted if it doesn't help generate sales. To make a brochure perform as a powerful sales piece, it should include a very specific set of communication features. In the right market, two or three pieces from a press run should pay for the entire cost of the brochure's design and production. The other 497 pieces are your ROI. (Return on Investment)

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"This is the best brochure I've ever seen."

Quote from Vice President of Allstate Insurance, when shown MINT brochure below. This piece is a good example of how identity and sales can be integral in the graphic design of collateral marketing materials. The design was coordinated with the website, stationery, and trade show materials.

Example of Graphic Design in Brochure
Star Robbins Brochure Cover

Inside an effective brochure:

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Inside Brochure - vision and Content Simplification

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Brochure example showing graphic interest elements

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Star Robbins brochure using photograph of robin to enhance name of company.

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Star Robbins brochure showing text simplification

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Example of pocket folder with testimonials.

Other Brochures

Webb Technologies - Hi-Tech brochure design
PESTOUT brochure cover - showing comprehensive attention to detail in pest control.
Mr. Go-Glass brochure cover showing main company services
Macsons Brochure Cover - showing delicate protection of environment in massive heavy demolition

Cohesive • Clear • Concise • Content

All tag-lines, text, illustrations, symbols, names and most photographic images are original and/or custom to the purpose of the brochure. Custom originality ensures that the piece will connect with market point of view, and be entirely distinct from competition.

Macsons Brochure - showing identity in tagline description in content: "Responsible Demolition."

Merging Services with Needs

        The most comprehensive pest control anywhere.

PESTOUT Brochure inside - showing encyclopedic illustration of pest control options.