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Solid Cherry furniture Dining Suite: Chairs, dutch pull extension table, and China Cabinet

Custom cherry dining set • Dutch pull table • six chairs • china cabinet

Solid Cherry Dining Chairs
Solid Cherry China Cabinet
Joint detail of cherry arm chair
Arm Chair Back Detail
Solid Walnut Dovetailed End Table
Joint Detail of Solid Walnut End Table, with hand cut dovetails and birdseye maple drawers
Custom Electric Guitar Rack for Amp and Effects Module
Joinery Detail for custom walnut guitar accessory rack
Solid Walnut book case detail
Zebra Wood Coffee Table custom made for corporate headquartes of Fine Tool Shops in Danbury Connecticut.
Dovetail and Through-Tenon Joint Details in Zebra Wood Coffee Table
Walnut Side Table
Burled Walnut Custom End Table
Surface Details of Burled Walnut End Table
Teak and Walnut Curio Cabinets
Solid Oak Chest of Drawers
Joinery Detail Oak Chest
Creative Bone Chair - Hand carved by Mark Giordano out of solid maple.
Custom Cherry Herb and Spice Cabinet
Monoid Chair Design Project to make four legs of one chair with one leg shape.
Custom Wrap-Around Desk for Leroy T. Canoles Jr. office at Kaufman and Canoles Attorneys.
Leather Monoid Chair
Solid Cherry China Cabinet