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Graphic design gets recognition from visual impact.


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Attract audiences with clarified meaning.

Town Point Executive Network Graphic

Just the right feel for specific market perception.

In collaboration with Fiat, engintec modified an engine for use in special operations for US armed forces missions. In addition to functional modifications, engine appearance required adjustments in the context of use.

EngineTec Stealth Engine Graphic

Engine graphic required editing for new market.

Before and After image transformation, with American brand replacement.

Fun graphics repeat later and get repeated.

Shakin Hams advertising poster
Hay-yay: pig latin poster graphic
Unidentified Flying Sausages Poster

Voluntary Insurance campaign at Smithfield Foods

Recognition increased the bottom line at Nauticus.

Positive recognition brought visitors and revenue.

Nauticus Visitor Guide
Nauticus Banner Graphics
Nauticus Visitor Orientation Graphics
Nauticus Graphic Design in Poster
Nauticus Advertising Design
Wisconsin Advertising Design at Nauticus
Exhibit Advertising Design at Nauticus

Graphics encourage responses for market surveys.

Fast Ferry Perception Survey - MINTdesign
Downtown Fast Ferry Project - MINTdesign

Graphic communication enhances causes.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Pollution | Graphic Design Poster
Harrison Opera House Ball Graphic Design