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Centerscribe • Invented at MINTdesign • 1980

CS1 CenterScribe invented by MINT Design in 1978. Sold in Bridge City Toolworks.

Invented Products

Tools & Equipment

CS1 Centerscribe tool for centering instantly on many parts.
CNC molded field hockey stick
CNC Sculling Oar, modeled 3D by MINT Design
Detail of 3D modeled sculling oar
Hi-tec folding knife, invented and prototyped at MINT Design.
Folding Hatchet and Leather Case invented and prototyped in MINT Design.

Creativity Publications

Proof of originality Journal for inventors
Creativity Notebooks invented at MINT Design

Toys & Games

Hauberk Board Game, prototyped at MINT Design.
Game Board documented and fabricated at MINT Design
Game Part Prototypes: Cards and Player pieces
Invention prototype of a street hockey puck
Invention graphic 3D Illustration of a toy ball invention

Automotive Accessories

Custom Hood Ornaments: Designed and Documented by MINT Design
Pickup Truck Utility Rack Accessory, Concept A
Pickup Truck Utility Rack Accessory - Concept B
Pickup Truck Utility Rack Accessory - Concept C

Packaging & Branding

Package Label Design for Steramine
Brand Package Design for Ballistol spray