It's a crowded market out there. Do you know what your audiences need?

How do you match brand strategy to market perception?

A brand strategy involves much more than a logo.

Your logo is visual side of your brand that is the same everywhere. Your brand is the promise of quality inherent in widespread recognition of the logo. Your strategy defines the steps you take that will turn a logo into a brand. Over time, strategy can result in turning your brand into a cultural icon.


Somebody once said, find out what they need, and then sell them that. Somewhat oversimplified, but still observably true. A promise of quality only affects a market, if that quality is consistently recognized in performance.  The logo is only one of many components a company uses to communicate its message in a design system. Additionally, an effective brand strategy includes corporate culture analysis, corporate structuring, usable vision definition, internal and external perception evaluation, audience identification, and a cohesive integration of standard and in-bound marketing, positioning, publicity, social presence, efficient advertising, durable promotion, distinct nomenclature, and all others areas of visual and verbal communication, creatively articulated. Strategies also account for scope, time, change, and developing technologies. Without a carefully reasoned strategy, visions are more like mirages, business growth will be a poor bet at best, and revenues will cycle around lost opportunities.  We evaluate, pinpoint, quantify, and design brand strategies that optimize your message for all audiences.  If you think big, the world may be your oyster; or in it, you may find your pearl.

This is how we do it.


Audience perception exists in all directions, and in tiers.

Understanding those perceptions gives you a distinct competitive edge.

Perception evaluation is a critical part of brand design because image is perception.

Frequently, business owners have a perception of their market which, when tested returns a different image than the one they thought they had. Evaluation offers a simple, but effective way for you to identify and quantify your image, so that you can apply the necessary communication components to make that image advantageous.

This doesn't happen from guessing, and it doesn't have to be prohibitive in cost.


Wouldn't you use a vision that acts like a current in your business?

A well written vision can put a high powered charge into your business at a genetic level.


It grew; it changed; but now what?  A bit haphazard?

Find out how to structure your company so that change and growth

are controlled, and integral with market perception. Learn how to organize and build business services, departments, divisions, parent and child companies, so that they make sense and money

when people encounter them.


How to make branding do its job in the most direct route possible.

Once perceptions have formed the basis for a practicable vision, and that vision calls for a clearly defined structure, you'll need to create the communication components that the corporate voice will use to turn its vision into a reality. The list below shows the applications where a brand is put to use.  Corporate identity takes on a quantum nature when the design array is fully integrated with identity, marketing, advertising, sales, public relations, internet presence, social media, and inbound marketing. The strategy involves matching the best combination of communication components to an efficient, practicable plan.

  • Logo Design
  • Logo Design System
  • Logo Animation
  • Logo Library
  • Photo Library
  • Video Library
  • Usage Manual
  • Name Identification
  • Nomenclature System
  • Trademark Registration
  • URL Identification
  • URL Procurement
  • Website Design
  • Inbound Marketing
  • QR Code Potential
  • Stationery
  • Business Cards
  • Business Forms
  • Menus and Maps
  • Collateral Marketing Materials
  • Brochures
  • Fliers Design
  • Poster Design
  • Super Graphics
  • Announcement Cards
  • News Letters
  • Print Ads
  • Press Releases
  • Industry Publication Articles
  • Premiums and Promotions
  • Product Design
  • Private Labeling
  • Building Trade Dress
  • Interior Signs
  • Exterior Signs
  • Vehicular Signs
  • Wayfinding
  • Uniforms
  • Work Wear
  • Corporate Wear
  • Identity Management
  • Website Management